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Lily Anne Crow

A War of Whispers

If Light Above

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The kingdom's only hopes are a wounded soldier, a dead-beat noble, and a killer.

    Osmund Benwickery, former captain general in the king’s army, crippled by a useless left arm and a dwindling sense of self-worth, has been hired for the most important job of his life. The young queen is dead, the newborn prince is missing, and the king has narrowly survived assassination. Osmund must solve the treacherous plot before either the infant prince is lost forever or the king’s assassins return - and succeed.

   Phrai, a hired blade with a bloody reputation, wants nothing more than to numb the pain of the past. Tamrion Kinto, an idealistic young nobleman with a clever tongue, can’t seem to stay out of trouble. When their paths intertwine, Phrai and Tamrion find themselves dragged into dangerous complications that will change the way they view the world, themselves, and each other.

   Shinowyn Alva, castle seamstress and dressmaker to the late queen, slips among the shadows to watch a deadly game of power unfolding in the capital city. But what secrets does Shinowyn hide behind her peculiar smile and mismatched eyes? Is she simply another pawn, or will she have the nerve to play?

 The game is conspiracy and the pieces are set. As Fate weaves these four lives together, events unfold that will threaten their kingdom and challenge their very beliefs. Can they put aside their differences and band together long enough to hold back the darkness?

Desperate times call for dangerous plans and deadly allies.


Tamrion struggles within a web of secrets. When he discovers an enemy close to home, the young lord of Kinto must embrace his destiny, before his family and city both fall into ruin.


After narrowly surviving a clash with an old foe, Phrai retreats to heal the wounds on her body and of her heart. The storied assassin must decide what she really wants, who deserves her blade, and whether she should even join this fight. Can a cold-hearted killer become the hero Tourenne needs?


Shinowyn plays a dangerous game of manipulation, using any means necessary to free her grandfather from inhuman captors. But even the descendent of a great seer cannot foretell all outcomes. If she wishes to defeat the darkness below, she must be willing to risk everything - even her grandfather’s life.

Then Dark Below

Osmund must bring this unlikely cast of characters together in defense of the city of Vercolline, the kingdom of Tourenne, and humanity as a whole. While Fate hangs in the balance, Osmund and his allies must conspire to stop the encroaching darkness. But who can they trust? And how will they defeat creatures of legend with little more than wits and whispers?

From the Shrouded Heights

Now scattered to the four winds, the unknown heroes of Tourenne must once again prove their mettle.

Three years have passed since Osmund Benwickery and his allies fought against the mysterious Xai’zjin and won ... in a manner of speaking. While the young prince of Tourenne grows and learns to emulate his human caregivers, Tamrion Kinto works with Osmund to keep the kingdom safe from threats, both inside and out. But merchant ships are vanishing off the northern coast, and Tamrion must risk a journey to discover the cause, putting his life, and the stability of Tourenne, in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, seasoned crystal mage Margola Verteau is invited south to Marsesa, and former thief Pight tags along, hoping for a glorious adventure in foreign lands. The young spy quickly discovers that the deadly creatures of the southern ocean are less treacherous than Marsesan politics. Pight will need all his wits to help Margola navigate these unfamiliar waters of power and ambition.



In the shadow of the volcano, Phrai trains both body and mind under the tutelage of the mysterious Ghol'Ver. In uncovering the secrets of her past, she finds every step leading her further from what she knows and deeper into darkness. The truth she seeks and the journey it requires may prove burdens too heavy to bear.

On the wind-swept plains of Ursur, Shinowyn Alva cares for what's left of her family. Terrifying visions that foretell a violent clash among the clans of her people plague her waking mind. Desperate to change the course of this seemingly inevitable fate, Shinowyn chooses a path that may take her into conflict with everyone she loves.


A cloud of impending disaster creeps across Erlahain, like the whisper of demons, carrying promises of war and devastation. Can these scattered heroes stand against the coming tempest, or will they usher in the very doom they seek to ward off?

To the Gilded Depths

New Release!


Foes within and foes without.

Fallow winds blow across the rocky plains of Ursur and the lakes of Tourenne alike, carrying whispers of war. Shinowyn's visions reveal nothing but disaster, even as she twists and struggles to change her people's fate. In troubled Tourenne, Tamrion suffers storms and dire portents of his own as he fights to steer a proud and stubborn nation. Both will seek truth in order to lead their people, and both will learn the horrible power of deception and betrayal.

Far to the south in Marsesa, the treacherous ebb and flow of politics threaten to drag Pight and Margola into deadly waters. They must fight for solid footing while discovering who the true manipulator is, before they are pulled down by an undertow of schemes and dark magic. Among greedy politicians, a battle-mage from the north, and strange creatures beneath the waves, who will become their allies, and who their enemies?

Phrai hunts her elusive past, pursuing the shrouded truth of her murderous origins across the wild expanses and bustling cities of Rahandrael. Her unrelenting determination tugs on an ancient thread, and hints at a secret more important than she can imagine.

It is a time of gathering darkness and growing dread across the realm of Koranth. A great catastrophe swells like a flood, ready to sweep across the land. But a few heroes can turn the tide, if they are willing to brave the Gilded Depths.

Will of the Wayfinder

Dreams of Dust

The immortal lilka heal the wounds of a fractured world, but when the spirits of nature are silenced…

Thaniel Swift’s life is about to change. The inexperienced Wayfinder sets out on his first mission to explore the untamed wilds of Koranth. But when he joins a band of storied heroes to uncover the cause of an ominously deserted village, the hunt will lead Thaniel far from home, into the remnants of a long-forgotten civilization, and dangers beyond his dreams.

In the east, an ancient sorceress wields forbidden magic to attain the object of her obsession, no matter how much nature itself cries out in fear and pain. To achieve her desires, she will destroy not only the guardian spirits of the land, but the humans as well, leaving the continent of Koranth in desolation.

Thrown into the unpredictable wilderness, with growing talents he barely understands, Thaniel uses magic and skill to lead his new allies further into a dying land, seeking answers. Only with the wisdom of the lilka, and the enigmatic aid of one of the Builders, will Thaniel and his companions have any chance at all.

But will it be enough to stop the Queen of Dust?

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River of Stars

On the path, you can only walk forward. Leave the path and you are lost forever.

Wounds wrought from both steel and magic scar the ruins of the ancient Builder city and the hearts of Thaniel’s beleaguered band. Despite rescuing their captured kin and the surviving nature spirits, the pain of betrayal and the loss of a dear friend weigh heavily on each hero.

The Queen of Dust drives her terrible army towards Athindaira, the cradle of humanity. If the city is not warned before her arrival, the fledgling civilization of man has little hope to survive her wrath. Desperate to reach home before the deadly sorceress, Thaniel must open a long-forgotten door and lead his companions through a realm no Wayfinder has ever walked.

But in the mysterious realm of Aban-ruel, will they find their true path, or fall to the dread darkness that once drove the Builders from the domain of dreams? The further Thaniel journeys in the River of Stars, the more secrets and half-truths he finds… and the more the frayed path crumbles before him. It will take every ounce of courage and ingenuity Thaniel and his companions possess to overcome the turbulent storms and nightmare creatures that hound their every step.

Will fate allow them to escape and save Athindaira? Or will they perish in the claws of a being so vast its shadow falls over the entire River of Stars?


All my cover art is by the amazing Jeff Brown. Check him out below!

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