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Lily Anne Crow

Dark & Epic Fantasy Author

Latest Release - Available NOW!


Foes within and foes without.

Fallow winds blow across the rocky plains of Ursur and the lakes of Tourenne alike, carrying whispers of war. Shinowyn's visions reveal nothing but disaster, even as she twists and struggles to change her people's fate. In troubled Tourenne, Tamrion suffers storms and dire portents of his own as he fights to steer a proud and stubborn nation. Both will seek truth in order to lead their people, and both will learn the horrible power of deception and betrayal.

Far to the south in Marsesa, the treacherous ebb and flow of politics threaten to drag Pight and Margola into deadly waters. They must fight for solid footing while discovering who the true manipulator is, before they are pulled down by an undertow of schemes and dark magic. Among greedy politicians, a battle-mage from the north, and strange creatures beneath the waves, who will become their allies, and who their enemies?

Phrai hunts her elusive past, pursuing the shrouded truth of her murderous origins across the wild expanses and bustling cities of Rahandrael. Her unrelenting determination tugs on an ancient thread, and hints at a secret more important than she can imagine.

It is a time of gathering darkness and growing dread across the realm of Koranth. A great catastrophe swells like a flood, ready to sweep across the land. But a few heroes can turn the tide, if they are willing to brave the Gilded Depths.

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